In these times when fashion is becoming more and more androgynous, there are many women out there who want to actively highlight their femininity. Feminine women are becoming rare day by day, and in these times, it may seem difficult to sustain feminine looks when you have to shoulder equal or even more responsibilities than the men out there. But it's the 21st century; we women find a way to get what we want. So here are a few action-oriented steps that will enhance your inner femininity and bring it out in your appearance.

Ladies Pay Attention to your Hair
There were days whenever women had hairs that went beyond their knees, but times have changed now. While long hairs will definitely add up to your feminine attributes, but medium-length or short hair also works if you know how to play them to your advantage.

First things first, no matter what length you have, always keep your hair clean and brushed. Tangled and rough hairs are not attractive to either gender.

Experiment with different types of hairstyles and braids regularly, which will draw a lot of attention to your hair and increase your attractiveness quotient.

If you don't have the hair length (yet) that is suitable for braids or buns, go for hair accessories. There are many different varieties of hair accessories that are specifically designed to increase your feminine allure.

Draw attention to your Lips
You are a radiant woman, and drawing attention to your lips is a great way to emphasize your feminine attributes. There are very few men out there who wear lip color or put an emphasis on their lips, which makes lip color a more visually feminine look.

You don't have to go full-blown red (But if that's what makes you feel great, by all means, go for it), start with nude colors which are appropriate for all kinds of settings such as the workplace or a casual date with your girlfriend. If nothing else, just use a lip balm and you are good to go. Lip color will add more definition to your lips and make you look more feminine in the way.

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Show some Extra Love to your Eyes
If you are reading this, I bet you already know the golden rule, draw attention to your eyes or your lips, never both at once. So if you would like to use only lip balm on your lips or if your workplace or college is not a big fan of lip colors, you can direct some attention to your eyes.

Always have properly shaped and groomed eyebrows that will make your eyes look even more beautiful. Focus on your eyelashes; long luscious eyelashes are sure symbols of feminity. You can use fake lashes or go for eyelash enhancing serums such as Careprost for making your eyelashes longer thicker and prettier.

Usually, men don't highlight their eyes so add some soft touches to your eyes in the form of subtle eyeliner. Let your eyes speak for you and your feminity.

Invest in feminine patterns and accessories
Some certain colors and patterns make you look more feminine than the others. For instance, floral patterns are going to make you look more feminine than asymmetric patterns. When you pick out an item of clothing, actively try to look for patterns that feel softer and feminine to enhance your feminine look.

There are times when you have a dress code and you can't pick a pattern of your choice even if you want to look more feminine. These are the times when you can use accessories that will add just the right touch of a feminine feel to yourself.

Items such as crafts, some studs in your ears, a pretty watch can make a lot of difference when added properly to your outfits.

While you are exploring ways to make yourself look more feminine and attractive every day, experiment with different types of fabrics, and accessories.

At the end of the day, remember that becoming and looking more feminine is a journey. Some days things will work out, some days they will be a mess, but the idea is to keep going.

Additionally, keep learning actively. Watch videos on feminine fashion, observe women who you think are great examples of feminity, if you know them for real, and seek active help from them to enhance your feminine features.

Just know that some women are simply more feminine than others, so don't force yourself to be something that you are not, feel comfortable in your own skin, and if comfort to you means appearing more feminine then by all means go for it. Celebrate and enjoy the fact that you are a woman, be proud of it, and remember that there is more than one way to express your femininity out to the world.

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