Most Important Replacement Parts For Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Most Important Replacement Parts For Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans

It is Friday evening and someone in our team finds that the exhaust fan of your commercial kitchen is not working properly. Your exhaust fan cleaning Melbourne expert finds out that the issue is a quick fix one but they do not have the parts you need to replace in stock. After many more calls to the local stores, you make out that you don’t have any other choice except to shut down yourself for the weekend. And the worst thing is that you may have avoided all this by simply keeping some spare commercial kitchen exhaust fan replacement parts with you.

Protect Your Business
A commercial kitchen exhaust fan system counts on many different parts to work properly. Mechanical breakdowns are unavoidable and generally occur without any prior warning. This can result in unexpected business interruption and expenses. Whether you keep an inventory handy of all the replacement parts or not, it is wise to have a list of every component you may need for the repairs, according to the canopy cleaning Melbourne experts. Stock everything possible with you. For others, you can have a list of the needed information for ordering the part.

Get Repairs Done Properly and Quickly
For straightforward repairs, it is better to completely repair something than simply doing a patch-up work to get your exhaust fan as well as your kitchen working for some more time. Possessing the required parts when needed the most avoids the requirement for such short-cuts. The correct parts for the correct place and at the correct time can help reduce your downtime significantly.

Fan Belts
If you are considering spare parts for exhaust fans, one thing that all commercial kitchens should readily have is extra fan belts. The fan belts may break down anytime without warning and with their cheap prices, there is no reason for not keeping them in our stock. They are available in both standard duty and heavy duty and many different sizes.

Motors/ Motor Covers
Keeping motors and covers handy is also a good idea. You can get any single and three-phase exhaust fan motors having a wide variety of power loads and efficiencies in the market. They are ideal for a range of low and high-voltage industrial and commercial applications. Ensure to protect the new motors with fan motor covers.

Proactive Maintenance
If you keep up with scheduled maintenance for your commercial kitchen exhaust system, you should work with experts who can tell if any part is nearing its end. Ensure to ask about prospective issues before they make you shut down your place for a day or two. Are the bearings of your exhaust fan showing signs of deterioration? Do you think that the wheel assembly needs to be replaced? Asking such questions is your main line of defense when it comes to unplanned and costly downtime. If the repair is pending, you may get the component orders, and rather than waiting for long hours or days to get the part, you will have it on the shelf.

Wheel Assembly
At times, to fix a noisy exhaust fan’s wheel assembly, you just have to change or adjust the position or remove and fix it again. However, if this trick does not work, you can choose to replace it. Wheel assemblies for exhaust fans are available in many different sizes and come with a guarantee as well.

Block Bearings
These are a small but vital part to keep your fan working properly. Do not let malfunctioning bearings cause damages to the exhaust fan in your commercial kitchen. High-class bearings can offer many years of problem-free services. However, they will have to be replaced eventually, even when they are well-maintained. If you need a block bearing for replacement soon, you should get one quickly. Choose a size that is fit for your specific exhaust fan.

Minimize Downtime of your Commercial Kitchen and Maximize Its Performance
Having updated spare parts inventory with a proactive maintenance approach will help minimize downtime in case of equipment failure. If something goes wrong, you can react fast and efficiently so that the commercial business can get back to its usual work without harming the valuable relationship. To keep your kitchen up and working smoothly, it is vital to address and manage all eh replacement components in two ways. Keep a record of every spare part you may need and ensure that your maintenance schedule does the job of predicting potential needs, taking important factors into account. By following this, you will have lesser interruptions and quicker recovery from disastrous situations.

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