Why Park Seo Joon Should Be Your Top Star

Why Park Seo Joon Should Be Your Top Star

It's no mystery that BTS V and Park Seo Joon are quick companions. After their work together in the recorded show Hwarang, V and Park Seo Joon have developed a dear companionship. From going out to shop together to hang out at one another's places, these two are unquestionably besties. V even made a trip to visit Park Seo Joon at the arrangement of Itaewon Class!

It's anything but difficult to perceive any reason why this BTS part cherishes Park Seo Joon. Here's the reason we do as well:

He's Humble

On the off chance that you can trust it, Park Seo Joon was cited to have said that he thinks his "face is plain." I mean, has the person glanced in the mirror? Additional focuses for unobtrusiveness Park Seo Joon.

He's a Great Actor

Park Seo Joon has won various honors including the Netizen and Best Couple Award. He won those honors in both the KBS Drama Awards and the MBC Drama Awards functions for his work in Fight for My Way and Kill Me, Heal Me.

The Man Can Kiss

The sentimental scenes he's in Consistently turn up the warmth. No honest k-dramatization mouth pecks for him!

He's a Family Man

Park Seo treasures his relationship with his family. He cherishes being a more established sibling to his two more youthful siblings and has given clues showing he's anticipating beginning a group sometime in the not so distant future. He additionally has an incredible connection with his folks. Is it accurate to say that we are composing a dating profile or a bullet point article?

He Supports His Friends

Park Seo Joon isn't just steady of his BTS genial. He's additionally old buddies with Park Hyung Sik. He was even spotted aiding Hyorin from SISTAR when she had harmed her foot and required somebody to prop her up while she strolled.

His Cameo in Parasite

It's beautiful seeing him in creations where he's the lead, yet it was similarly fulfilling to see him spring up in the widely praised film Parasite. As a matter of fact, when he left the storyline we continued seeking he'd return after somewhat more. In any case, a little Seo Joon is superior to none by any means.

That Side Hair

Park Seo Joon is drop-dead flawless in that side part he wore in his part for Kill Me, Heal Me. We keep up that this was probably the best look yet. It resembled those blasts were separating the mists to his glorious face.

He Can Sing

To wrap things up, Park Seo Joon doesn't simply have exquisite looks. He has a beautiful voice. Park Seo Joon has sung different dramatization OSTs including ones for Dream High 2, A Witch's Love, Kill Me, Heal Me, and The Poet of Youth.

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About Park Seo Joon Life
About Park Seo Joon Life
About Park Seo Joon Life
February 23, 2021