10 simple tips and tricks for Instagram follow ups

10 simple tips and tricks for Instagram follow ups

Developing a good Instagram profile is a powerful business advantage. Popular Instagram accounts have been sprouting companies worth millions of dollars. While a follower on Instagram isn't difficult to cultivate, it isn't also a cake. Ask any social media marketer and they tell you that Instagram has much more than it looks. There are several ways to improve your performance if you start from scratch or want to get more traction. I have collected 10 simple tips and tricks in this huge article to help you to get more followers on Instagram.

1. Select an unforgettable username
Having a short and easy-to-remember username would make finding your account in the future easier for those people who have seen your account already. This also ensures that you are less likely to be identified by those users who try to tag you in a message. The name of your brand is your best bet. You can change your username on Instagram anytime but note that from every post you've been tagged in with your old username you'll lose all previous tags.

2. Have a fascinating view of the profile
Your first experience on your profile is like your Instagram. A picture of your face is a good option if you are a person because it helps people know who you are. If you are a company, use your logo to distinguish your brand and simplify links to any additional marketing content that you may have seen from your brand.

3. Actualize your organic
Ensure that your organic goods are in line with your company objectives. While brands like Adidas can get rid of short and vague bios based on their brand intensity, if you try to build your brand, you would like to be a little descriptive. Mention what you are marketing products and explain briefly what makes them special. You should include your address and opening hours in your organic shop if you have a place.

4. Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts
You can automatically upload media you have shared on Instagram to Facebook by connecting your Facebook accounts to Instagram. This not only makes it easy to share the same piece of content through the two biggest and best social networks, but it also lets you create your Instagram profile on Facebook. Ensure the link to your Instagram profile for your Facebook subtitles, so you can convert fans to followers of Instagram.

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5. Share in other social networks your account
While other social networks are not as closely related to Instagram as Facebook is, it remains an excellent practice to reach people on other platforms. If it is difficult to push people onto your Instagram profile from one network, consider providing a voucher for Instagram or some other deal as an incentive.

6. Share your email list account
You can do this in a few ways. In order to ensure that all new and old subscribers are reached, you may send a single mail newsletter urging people on your list to follow your Instagram account, or you may periodically include your account in your email marketing correspondence (via a social icon or a short CTA). Like the above tip, Instagram's exclusive deals will definitely increase your click rate.

7. Promote your in-store IG account
If you are fortunate enough to have a shopping site, make the most of it! Use your Instagram account in your shop ads, and give discounts in return for customer follow-up. In return for Instagram postings of your store, you can also provide rewards with a @ mention. This moves your brand away from customers' followers and helps to spread organically your brand term.

8. Encourage your IG shipping documents account
Consider attaching a small card to each shipment with your Instagram profile and a CTA stating something like "check out our Instagram profile for reductions and our latest goods! if you run an e-commerce business and frequently ship products to your customers.

9. On your website, link to your Instagram account
Make sure that you have social icons on your homepage for visitors to your social profiles if your website is a big engine. Although this may not be a major source of new followers, every little bit is relevant for your Instagram profile.

10. Embed in your blog posts your Instagram images.
You can use this blog to push traffic to Instagram if it is part of your digital marketing plan. Instead of using screenshots, embed Instagram posts where you use examples from your company marketing activities. This not only ensures you preserve the consistency of your original post, but it also means that the readers will follow you by clicking on your Instagram profile.

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