Can a car tire be repaired

Can a car tire be repaired

If the dreaded "flat tire" occurs on the way, you are faced with two questions: How can I continue? And: can the damaged tire still be saved? You can find out what you should consider here.

You don't have to get a new tire every time you break down. After a careful check, your mechanic can tell you exactly whether the tire can be repaired instead. However, if you get stuck with a flat tire on the road and carry out the breakdown assistance yourself, you should consider the following points:

1. Only repair the tire if the damage is relatively minor.

2. Choose a safe place with good light for this.

3. Pour the sealant into the valve and re-inflate the tire.

4. Remember that a breakdown spray is only a temporary stopgap solution.

5. Drive slowly and carefully to the nearest tire dealer.

What to do in the event of a flat tire
Although tires consist of many components and layers in order to be optimally protected against damage, as a car driver you are never completely protected from a flat tire. If the way home or to the next workshop is still too far to cover it with increasingly sluggish tires, you have to take action on the spot.

If you already have some experience, you can easily get your car back on the road yourself if you have a flat tire. The best thing to do is to go to a safe place away from the traffic and with good light.

Depending on the equipment in your car, you can now temporarily seal the tire or replace the damaged one with the emergency or spare wheel. Both are relatively uncomplicated and you gain enough time and scope to get professional help.

Use tire sealant
Some modern vehicles are equipped with a breakdown kit instead of the spare wheel by the manufacturer. These sets usually consist of a tire sealant and a tire inflator. If you only drove for a short time with a damaged tire and it has not lost too much pressure, you can use these repair kits to easily seal smaller holes up to 6 mm in size. If the damage is extensive or if the sidewall is affected, the sealant will not help you and you will have to call the breakdown service. The same applies if the tire has already detached from the rim.

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To repair, fill in the sealant through the valve and then inflate the tire again - either use the compressor or the enclosed compressed air cylinders. By the way, you can also get tire repair kits online or in accessories shops, both to prevent a breakdown and as a sealant after a breakdown.

Please note, however: tire sealants and puncture sprays are really only makeshift remedies and are only intended for driving to the nearest workshop. The tire must be replaced as soon as possible because sealants clog the valves and make the tire permanently unusable. Please also note the speed recommendation and do not drive faster than 80 km / h with the patched tire.

Repair tires? Please only with the professional
Defective tires may only be repaired by a specialist company. As a professional, they have the necessary qualifications and equipment to check the damage and assess whether the tire repair is even possible and permissible. To do this, the specialist will thoroughly examine the damaged tire and, among other things, perform a visual inspection of the affected tire area, measure the tread depth and determine the cause of the breakdown. He will also pull the tire off the rim so that it can also be checked from the inside - a safety test that you would probably find difficult to carry out yourself.

If only a nail or screw has drilled itself into the running surface and there is still enough remaining profile, the repair can be worthwhile. If there is a gap in the tire wall or shoulder, the tire cannot be repaired for legal reasons. A repair is also excluded if you have filled the tire with a sealant when you break down.

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